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11 Decor Essentials to Help You Get ‘Bridgerton’ Regencycore Style at Home

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<p>The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon</p>

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon

You don’t need to own a castle or live in an old English estate to live like a Bridgerton. If you’re falling in love with the Netflix series all over again and want to get the look in your own home in time for summer tea parties, we’ve got you covered. Here are 11 decor essentials perfect for adding Bridgerton’s regencycore style to your home.

Lvydec Wisteria Artificial Flowers Garland Wisteria Artificial Flowers Garland

Buy at Amazon.com

Wisterias are often seen in the show as decor in characters’ homes and for balls. While it might not be sustainable to decorate your home with real wisterias, these artificial ones are a great way to get the same look and make it last! These artificial flowers come in white, purple, and pink options and would be a fantastic addition to your regencycore aesthetic.

TYBBLY Musical Greek Goddess Statue

Buy at Amazon.com

What screams Bridgerton estates more than Greek busts? This bust is an affordable addition to your home and comes in four other varieties — decorate your home with just one or buy them all for a unique regencycore collection.

SHISEDECO Elegant, Traditional, Decorative, Hand Painted Modern Grandfather Wall Clock

Buy at Amazon.com

Grandfather clocks can easily be an eyesore, especially if you don’t know how to style one. This grandfather clock is elegant and wall-mounted, making it easy to incorporate into any room you’d like without sacrificing floor space. If you’re not interested in incorporating Bridgerton blue into your home, this clock also comes in various brown and white shades as well.

Funerom Vintage 11.6 x 9 Inch Decorative Wall Mirror

Buy at Amazon.com

Adding a decorative, funky mirror to your home is an easy way to spruce up a room. This ornate wall mirror is just the right size to make an impact without drawing too much attention in a room. If you want to go a little bigger, it also comes in a slightly larger size.

Regency Hill Traditional Glam Luxury Table Lamps

Buy at Amazon.com

This lamp set is such a trendy way to get the regencycore look in your home without being too obvious. The cut glass base, brass finish metal accents, and empire-style white shade make this an elegant addition to your home that can work with many design styles.

C Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc Belgian Woven Cushion Cover

Buy at Amazon.com

We love an easy room refresh and nothing’s easier than popping a new throw pillow cover on and going about your day. This tapestry-style pillow cover is eye-catching and perfectly on theme. There are also seven other options that work together cohesively so you don’t have to buy multiple of the same print.

BABEYOND Cotton Lace Folding Handheld Fan

Buy at Amazon.com

Folding fans aren’t just for keeping you cool while presenting yourself to the queen, they can also be used as decor. If you want to add a delicate touch to a room, hang this fan on your walls.

Madison Park Essentials Brystol 24 Piece Room in a Bag

Buy at Amazon.com

Can you get any more regencycore than with this 24-piece bedroom set? This room in a bag includes one comforter, two standard shams, one bedskirt, two euro shams, four decorative pillows, four window panels, and much more. This set takes away the pressure of transforming your bedroom: its got everything you need.

SIGNFORD Canvas Print Wall Art

Buy at Amazon.com

Wall art is another great way to update your space, and this canvas print brings the Bridgerton feel right to your home. The texture and floral image make this piece look very vintage and its size and style make it perfect for any room and any decor style.

NUPTIO Candlestick Holders

Buy at Amazon.com

Take it back to the Regency era with candles. Candlestick holders of varying heights can add so much visual intrigue to a space, even without candles in them. This set of three is perfect and they’re so affordable that you can add multiple to your home.

BOXAN 60×120 Inch Gorgeous White Lace Tablecloth

Buy at Amazon.com

Lace tablecloths are just darling and this one will affordably give your dining table the Bridgerton flair it needs. This tablecloth comes in two sizes and black if you’re going for a more moody look.

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