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8 Coastal Cowgirl Decor Essentials To Bring To Your Space ASAP

Piggybacking off of the coastal grandmother trend, which gained rapid popularity last summer, the coastal cowgirl aesthetic is the perfect blend of New England beach days and western rodeos. It’s horse girl meets beach bum: babydoll dresses and cowgirl boots, linen sets and straw hats. 

While this aesthetic started in the fashion world, it has quickly carried over to home decor, as well. With almost 500,000 views under the #coastalcowgirldecor, this trend is emerging just in time for summer. While 500,000 might seem like a lot the #coastalcowgirl which mainly features outfit inspiration has over 100 million views, making it the aesthetic for summer. Influencer, Paige Lorenze, is basically the blueprint for this trend, and I’m loving it. 

This trend in the interior design realm incorporates lots of texture, specifically straw, rattan, linen, and wave designs, as well as neutral colors with pops of blue which draw inspiration from the natural colors of the coastal scenery. 

Despite coastal cowgirl being the trending aesthetic of the season, the pieces within this design aesthetic are classic, timeless, and elegant. They give off the old-money aesthetic that we saw gain popularity during Sofia Richie Grainge’s wedding with a touch of the easygoingness of the West.  

So, whether you are moving into a new apartment or just looking to redecorate, these coastal cowgirl-inspired pieces are a perfect start.

Floral Sheet Set

These sheets ($45) are the most beautiful coastal cowgirl addition to your bedroom. Pair with any color comforter, and let these sheets peep out for the perfect delicate touch!

Ruffle Comforter

If something a little more simple is your speed, try pairing this white comforter ($82) with some coastal cowgirl sheets. The ruffle detail gives it a beautifully feminine touch. 

Cowgirl Prints

These baby blue cowgirl-inspired prints ($11) are such a good statement piece to hang over your bed, in your bathroom, or over a couch! 

Boot Wall Hook

The simplest detail but most perfect touch to any coastal cowgirl apartment! Not only is this hook ($14) adorable but it’s useful: Hang your keys, bags, or towels.

Boot vase

Flowers are a summer apartment must-have, so grab this cowboy boot vase ($30) to display your weekly bouquet.

Rattan frames

Personalization is the best way to make your room feel like home. In order to do this while also using the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, try out these frames ($60) from Amazon. 

Cowgirl rug

If you are looking to spend a little bit more, try this beautiful piece ($230) from August Rugs. You can use it as a welcome mat or hang it on the wall for decor!


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