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Find out why next year is all about individuality according to Apartment Therapy

NEW YORK – Apartment Therapy surveyed 78 design professionals for its third annual State of Home Design predictions and the overwhelming consensus is that staying ahead of design trends is more important now than ever.

“In the new year, designers predict that people will be feeling more connected to their homes,” said Laura Schocker, Apartment Therapy chief content officer. “Because of this, they will be completing more home projects while also using more discretion when making purchases.”

Schocker said the pandemic let people get more comfortable at home leading them to create spaces that work for them.

“Our survey showed that comfort remains king which is the home design version of sweatpants,” Schocker added. “Comfort at home is a priority no matter what budget they have.”

Most of the designers predicted that 2023 will be all about individuality, with a mixing of styles, combinations of old and new pieces and opting for personal preferences vs. trends.

“In 2023, I think personal style will be much more prevalent than it’s been in the last decade,” said Lindsey Gregg, one of the designers who took part in the survey. “People have had time to sit at home and think about their likes and dislikes. They’re more confident in their decisions now because they’ve been forced to experience home more than before in most cases.”

Some of the main trends include:

  • Seeing more experimentation with new materials such as cerused wood, red and pink marble and onyx.
  • A move to lots of color including plum, terracotta and sage green.
  • Some of the color trends include themes that are dark and moody, with others opting for natural tones or colors that are bold and bright.
  • Comfort remains king with a majority of designers saying curved and rounded furniture silhouettes will be seen everywhere.
  • Designers predict people will create spaces that are unique to them.

Apartment Therapy Comfort is King

“We’ve seen an increase for spaces devoted to relaxation and rejuvenation,” said Sarah Barnard, one of the designers involved in the survey. “Rooms dedicated to movement and meditation, or cozy corners equipped for quiet daily reflection and peace.”

The designers surveyed predict a return to 1970s and ’90s décor with top fabrics including mohair, performance fabrics and vegan leather.

Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan said the survey predicted that some trends from this year will remain such as warm colors, maximalism, Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian influences.

“Many designers reflected that people spending more time at home are less likely to follow trends,” added Ryan.

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