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Justina Blakeney’s 12 Home Decor Essentials for Channeling Boho-Chic Vibes

AD presents the Clever Guest Edit, a shopping series in which our favorite design enthusiasts share the products and collectibles that bring their homes to life. This week’s special guest is Justina Blakeney, the design entrepreneur, author, and founder of Jungalow. Get the exclusive on what’s at the top of her wish list here and don’t forget to subscribe to the Clever newsletter to get these picks delivered straight to your inbox each month.

Over the years, Justina Blakeney has gradually redefined what it means to be “bohemian-chic.” As the founder and creative director of Jungalow, she has been committed to spreading good vibes to homes across the globe through bold, colorful, and free-spirited interiors. Earlier this year, Justina published the book Jungalow: Decorate Wild to further showcase her eclectic design sensibilities and inspire creativity. Last month, she expanded her Opalhouse collection for Target with a new line of festive goods for the holiday season.

“My design philosophy is all about bringing good vibes home,” she explains. “For me, that means filling my home with color, pattern, plants, and objects that bring me joy.”

As someone who is open to experimentation, Justina never shies away from contrasting patterns, prints, or vibrant hues. No matter the category, she always has all of the basics covered when it comes to outfitting your home with tasteful objects that also reflect your unique point of view. Here, the entrepreneur tells us about 12 home decor items that will make any space flow with good energy. Scroll down and shop all of her picks below.

24″ x 36″ Palm Mirror- Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™

“A fun, decorative mirror amplifies sunlight in a space, and this one, with its curls, curves, and palm tree swirls is bringing me all the good vibes.”

“[Artist] Kanesha Sneed’s colors and themes make my heart sing!”

Snake Pillow by Justina Blakeney® x Loloi

“A sexy snake bolster pillow complete with embroidered and beaded details is the perfect accent for the bed or sofa.”

“We’re mid-swing with a kitchen renovation and the Perfect Pot has been a savior. We can cook everything in it—on a single burner!”

“I love an artful tabletop, and these salad servers are the sculptural botanical element every salad needs.”

Estelle Colored Glass Stemware (Set of 2)

“Put on some tunes and drink from these glasses, and the party has begun!”

6″ 4pk Stoneware Two-Tone Appetizer Plates- Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™

“Add some earth tones to your dining table with these app plates that can easily be dressed up or down to add a bit of color to every occasion.”

Yoruba Chair in Black and White

“I have been dreaming of a hand-beaded chair from the Yoruba people of Nigeria for years. This one in graphic black and white would be a dream!”

Clay Mesa Pillow by Justina Blakeney® x Loloi

“This pillow wants to give hugs and I’m here for it.”

Sol Natural Dyed Quilt in Rust by Like a Lion

“While traveling to India in early 2020, I got to visit the natural dye lab complete with flower gardens where the flowers for these dyes were grown. Our Sol quilts were made there, and, when I wrap myself up in them, I’m transported!”

STEP Foot Pedal in Brushed Nickel

“Love that this sleek petal reduces water waste up to 44%.”

“I’m nominating the Ficus Audrey as homecoming queen of indoor plants for the season.”


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