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Total Local 2022: 21 gift ideas for the home


Dec 11, 2022 #Gift, #Home, #Ideas, #Local, #Total

Are you shopping for Christmas gifts for your home, a nice home-warming gift for a friend, or are you sprucing up for the holiday? Well, if you’re looking for home gifts then this Total Local episode is for you! 

We are presenting locally made gift items for the home from Jesse’s Gifts & Décor, Amarie Art, HomeMaid, Very Essentials & GW Art

1. Jesse’s Gifts & Décor 

Jesse’s Gifts & Décor is a local vendor that provides décor items that are sure to give your home the extra oomph you may be looking for. 

Items featured in the video: 

  • Christmas Cushion
  • Christmas tea cups 
  • Special edition black mug 
  • Wooden key holder 
  • Acrylic LED lamp 

You can shop with Jesse’s Gifts & Décor by visiting their Instagram page @Jesses_gifts_decor or their website www.jessesgiftsanddecor.com  

2. Amarie Art

Amarie Art features beautiful and functional art pieces that you can use around the home and even wearable art pieces that you can wear time and time again. 

Items featured in the video:

  • 2-tier resin tray 
  • Resin coaster set of 4 
  • Tempered glass coaster set 
  • Trinket plate with a resin base
  • Hand-painted wine glass with resin coaster base 
  • Passport covers 
  • Small painting 

To shop with Amarie Art visit her website at www.amarieartjam.com or on Instagram @amarieartja.  

3. HomeMaid 

Our next gift is an unconventional one but one that is simply perfect for the home – a home cleaning service from HomeMaid. They offer Gift certificates for a variety of their services and here are three that we think you should really consider: 

  • The deep-cleaning package
  • Upholstery cleaning package 
  • Decluttering package 

The HomeMaid can be contacted at www.homemaidjm.com or on Instagram at @homemaidjm 

4. Very Essentials

Very Essentials Limited manufactures and distributes a line of natural home-care products and each product is packaged in glass bottles to be even more environmentally friendly and to encourage re-use.

Featured products: 

  • Multi-surface cleaner 
  • Air Refresher, which functions as a room and linen spray as well. 

To shop Very Essentials, visit www.shopveryessential.com or Instagram page @shopveryessential. 

5. GW Art

Rounding off the home edition of Total Local this year is the artistic stylings from GW Art made by Gabrielle Burgess. These art pieces are a great way to accentuate your home, create conversation starters, and allow the addition of creative expression in your space. 

Featured pieces: 

  • Feathered, yet free, which features a beautiful peacock 
  • Petals 
  • Chocolate and fire 
  • Sweet Magnolia

All these pieces and more are available for purchase from GW art on Instagram @GwArtByGabby 


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